People are making AI to increase the efficiency, reliability, and to perfect human errors. But somehow, bias and discrimination are still very prevalent in AI, especially racial bias.

Racial bias is very common and is very common in AI and can cause a lot of harm to people. One of the ways it can be very harmful is in court. People are slowly turning to AI to determine one’s sentence in jail, but there are many complications to it.

The Black defendants’ Risk scores are fairly even, but White defendants’ risk scores are skewed to the right. This graph predicts…

Our world is full of bias. Everyone has their own set opinions on every topic. In some cases it is needed, but in other cases it can be very harmful, especially in AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI is filled with bias, which can be very harmful to people. Especially people who are not favored by society.

Different Studies

Recently I watched a Ted Talk of an English Game Designer, Mata Haggis Burridge. He mentioned that he was taking a hazard perception test in the UK that was a part of acquiring a driver’s license. After finishing the test he realized that…

Hi my name is Kriti Bagchi and I am a Junior in High School. I few things about me: I love to sing, play the piano, and listen to music. I love talking to my friends and just going outside.

The reason I am studying Artificial Intelligence (AI) is because it is such a new topic. People know so much about this topic, yet there are still so many unanswered questions. This really intrigues me. I want to know and discover more about AI. One aspect I am really fascinated by is the topic of AI and ethics. …

Kriti Bagchi

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